Ferlin McChesney, Funeral Service Professional

Email: fmcchesney@speersfuneralchapel.com

Toll Free Phone: 1-888614- 8016

Office Phone: 306-522- 3232

Fax: 306-757- 8016

Ferlin McChesney has an extraordinary ability to listen and empathize with people who have

experienced the death of someone close to them, making him a valued resource for Speers’

families who are seeking meaningful life celebrations.

Growing up on an acreage near White City, Ferlin attended many funerals and decided as a

child he wanted to grow up to ‘drive a limo’. As an adult, he completed the funeral director

program, and began working at Speers in 1985. Along with his work helping families plan

celebrations, Ferlin assists with special projects and has been key in designing and

implementing the Speers advanced audio/visual systems.

Ferlin credits his parents with teaching him to respect people for whom they are, and that has

helped shape his beliefs that each family he works with is unique and deserves special

attention. Ferlin has a loving wife Charlene and together they are busy with her three children

Caleb, Skyler and Nathan. In Ferlin’s spare time he loves fishing, traveling and photography.

Staff members appreciate Ferlin’s wonderful, yet kind, sense of humour as he lights up the

room with his wit and stories. This love of people translates into his work, and he is treasured

by the Speers’ team as well as by the families he serves.

Ferlin can be reached by e-mail at fmcchesney@speersfuneralchapel.comor