Cleaning and Restoration

Similar to your home or vehicle, cemetery monuments may require maintenence over time.

Monument Cleaning

Seasonally, we recommend to every family that they clean the memorial at least once. This can quite easily be done yourself on an annual basis, however, after a period of time, organic growth and dirt build-up may require a thorough cleaning service by our expert technicians. Please contact us for more information about our monument cleaning service.

Monument Restoration

Today, we have a much better understanding of the harsh Saskatchewan climate and the effect it has on cemetery monuments. Experience tells us that softer materials, such as marble and concrete, and even certain engraving techniques used on granite, do not typically withstand the elements and over time may become illegible.

With years of experience, our monument experts can provide a variety of options for restoring cemetery monuments. This type of service requires measurements and a photograph for us to provide a quote, please contact us for more information.