Additions and Bases

As cremation grows in popularity in Saskatchewan, more and more families are interested in placing a loved one's ashes in an existing family plot. Although most Saskatchewan cemeteries will allow families to do this, there is often a question of how best to memorialize this person when there is an existing monument?

Today, creative monument designers have produced options for adding additional names and dates to an existing family stone in a dignified manner. We invite you to browse the examples of additions and base modifications below. For more information, please contact us.

Replace the Base and Engrave the Front

An upright or pillow-style monument typically consists of 2 pieces. The top (pillow or tablet) which is typically polished and features the lettering and design,  and the bottom (base), which is typically a rough-cut slab used to elevate the monument and protect the polished areas from cemetery maintenance equipment.

By replacing the rough-cut base with a new model with a smooth or polished face, additional names and dates can be engraved on the memorial.

Add a Sub-Base

Another option is to keep the original base and add a new polished piece of granite in between the tablet and base, known as a sub-base. This option is usually preferred, as the new engraving remains sufficiently elevated and protected from potential damage from cemetery maintenance equipment.

Install a Flat Marker

In most Saskatchewan cemeteries, families also have the option of installing one or more flat markers at the head or foot of the grave. When personalization is important, flat markers are a superior option to base modifications, as they can offer sufficient room for epitaphs and artwork to reflect the life remembered.

Many more creative solutions may be available. Please contact us to speak to a monument expert to review your options.